Derrick Gee

Hosted Graphite and Grafana with collectd on an Arch Linux Machine

Get Hosted Graphite running on an Arch Linux machine using collectd. See what it looks like to get an account with MetricFire.

GitHub Add-on Shows GitHub Events in Grafana

Check out how Github sends events to Hosted Graphite via webhooks, and how the annotations get made.

Get MetricFire Alerts sent to PagerDuty

Learn how to get your Alerts sent to you via PagerDuty.

Slack as a Notification Channel for Alerts

Use webhooks to set up an alert notification channel on Slack.

Redis: Open Source vs. Enterprise

Take a look at the differences between open source Redis and Redis Enterprise. Get oriented to monitor your Redis db with Hosted Prometheus.

Graphite vs. Grafana

Look at the difference between Graphite and Grafana and understand how to use them both to build a monitoring system.

MetricFire add-on: Show Sentry Errors in Annotations

See how MetricFire can display annotations from Sentry directly in the Grafana graphs.

How to install collectd and send metrics to MetricFire

Install collectd. Send metrics to MetricFire. Display those metrics to MetricFire's Grafana dashboard.

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