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I'm here to get you the best information out there. Reach out to me if you have comments about the blog, it'd be great to hear from you! When I'm not blogging you can find me cycling, boarding or on a mountain somewhere.

ELK Review: ELK vs. MetricFire

A 2020 review of ELK, and how it stands up against MetricFire on features, prices, user support, and customer reviews.

SolarWinds Review: SolarWinds vs. MetricFire

See an analysis of SolarWinds price, product and customer support. See where MetricFire shines over SolarWinds, and when to use each product

Sending metrics to MetricFire

Learn the best ways to send metrics to MetricFire, and get your metrics into our platform in minutes.

Tableau Review: Tableau vs MetricFire

A 2020 review of Tableau, including a comparison of Tableau vs. MetricFire on pricing, features, and customer reviews.

Migrating to TimescaleDB

MetricFire is moving our backend to TimescaleDB, hosted on AWS. This will improve latency, uptime, and allow querying via PostgresQL.

How to Reduce Your AWS Costs

Dive deep into AWS costs and see how MetricFire can reduce your CloudWatch spend by more than 50% by scaling custom metrics at a low cost.

StatsD: What Is It and How To Monitor It

StatsD is a light-weight text-based protocol in which data is aggregated and stored outside of the application. Then you can import the data to a visualization system such as MetricFire.

Monitoring MongoDB Performance

See a real example of monitoring MongoDB performance. Get the essentials on monitoring MongoDB, such as key metrics, monitoring tools, and more.

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