Madhur Ahuja

Staff Engineer

Madhur has 14+ years of experience in designing, developing and deploying distributed applications. In his free time, he likes to blog, read books and learn new technologies.

Kafka Monitoring Using Prometheus

Learn to monitor Kafka using Prometheus. Use Prometheus to pull metrics from Kafka and then visualize the metrics on a Grafana dashboard.

Install Graphite: Common Issues

The top 3 issues when setting up Graphite, and an analysis of whether it's better to use Hosted Graphite or run your own installation.

Connecting Prometheus and Grafana

In this article we will visualize information from cAdvisor and Redis by processing the data using Prometheus, and then visualizing it on Grafana.

Monitoring your infrastructure with StatsD and Graphite

In this article, we will discuss Graphite and StatsD, and how they can help form the basis of monitoring infrastructure.

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