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Hosted Prometheus and Graphite as a service with alerts, team sharing, engineering support and integrations with your tools. Free trial:

CloudWatch Pricing

Find out how to send data from AWS CloudWatch to MetricFire to reduce costs and increase your ability to customize your monitoring.

What is MetricFire?

MetricFire offers a complete ecosystem of end-to-end infrastructure monitoring made of 3 services: Prometheus, Graphite, and Grafana.

Hosted Graphite Announces Its Expansion with the Foundation of MetricFire

Hosted Graphite announced its expansion with a new service: MetricFire, it adds Hosted Prometheus to the platform offered by Hosted Graphite

How to monitor Python Applications with Prometheus

Prometheus can be used to monitor Python apps. Check out how we use Prometheus to monitor Python apps at MetricFire.

3 things you didn't know MetricFire could do

Find out three things you didn't know MetricFire could do. Monitor your systems with Graphite, use Grafana dashboards, and scale your Prometheus.

Monitoring is an essential tool in an economic downturn

We're here to make sure you can get the sustainable monitoring that is a strong foundation for your business. Talk to MetricFire today!

Prometheus vs. ELK

Compare Prometheus and ELK on pricing, market position and core strengths.

Prometheus vs. Nagios

Compare Prometheus and Nagios on market position, pricing, and core strengths.

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