3 things you didn't know MetricFire could do

Find out three things you didn't know MetricFire could do. Monitor your systems with Graphite, use Grafana dashboards, and scale your Prometheus.

StatsD Gauges, Counters, and Timers on MetricFire

Learn how to send StatsD metrics, such as gauges, counters and timers, to MetricFire.

The Top 5 Monitorama talks of 2019

See the top 5 monitorama talks from 2019.

Monitoring is an essential tool in an economic downturn

We're here to make sure you can get the sustainable monitoring that is a strong foundation for your business. Talk to MetricFire today!

Migrating off SolarWinds: a Customer Success Story

We often see customers coming to MetricFire from SolarWinds to get more control over their metrics, as well as more out of their data.

Get Trained in Network Security at

We’re offering $1,000 towards the Black Hat Asia Hacking Enterprise training by to anyone from the MetricFire community.

How to install collectd and send metrics to MetricFire

Install collectd. Send metrics to MetricFire. Display those metrics to MetricFire's Grafana dashboard.

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