SolarWinds Alternatives

Use MetricFire for network monitoring. MetricFire is a SolarWinds alternative built in open source projects like Prometheus, and Grafana.

MetricFire vs. Datadog

Take a look at MetricFire vs. Datadog in terms of pricing, agents, dashboards, integrations, support, and core identity.

ELK Review: ELK vs. MetricFire

A 2020 review of ELK, and how it stands up against MetricFire on features, prices, user support, and customer reviews.

Sending metrics to MetricFire

Learn the best ways to send metrics to MetricFire, and get your metrics into our platform in minutes.

Migrating to TimescaleDB

MetricFire is moving our backend to TimescaleDB, hosted on AWS. This will improve latency, uptime, and allow querying via PostgresQL.

Monitoring MongoDB Performance

See a real example of monitoring MongoDB performance. Get the essentials on monitoring MongoDB, such as key metrics, monitoring tools, and more.

How to take a 7 figure monitoring budget down to 6

Monitoring is an essential tool, but your time and budget are limited. How can you effectively utilize both to maintain your organization?

10 Reasons You Should Use MetricFire

Monitoring servers, applications, networks, or any other part of the IT infrastructure is important to fast-growing tech companies, and MetricFire covers monitoring in all of these areas. Here are 10 reasons to use MetricFire.

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