How Does Docker Network Host Work?

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  1. Introduction 
  2. How Does a Docker Host Work?
  3. Why Use Docker Network Host?
  4. How MetricFire Can Help!


Docker is a platform as a service product. With Docker, you can easily deploy applications into Docker containers. Containers are software "packages" that bundle together an application's source code with its libraries, configurations, and dependencies. This helps software run more consistently on different machines.


To use Docker containers, you need to understand how Docker networking works. Below, we'll answer the question: "what is Docker network host?". We'll also take a look to see how it works. 


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How Does a Docker Host Work?

In Docker, a host is a machine that runs one or more containers. Docker network host, also known as Docker host networking, is a networking mode in which a Docker container shares its network namespace with the host machine.


To access the application inside the container, use the port at the host's IP address (e.g., port 80). There you can monitor and set up the application so it is functional and efficient.


Below is an example Docker command to run a container in host networking mode:


docker run -it --name web2 --net=host vaibhavthakur/docker:webinstance2




Why Use Docker Network Host?

So, why should you use Docker host networking mode? Docker network hosts offer performance optimizations over other Docker networking modes, e.g., "none" and "bridge" modes. In addition, Docker host networking doesn't require network address translation (NAT), making it easier to handle a large number of ports simultaneously. You do need to take care to avoid port conflicts while working in Docker host networking mode.


For more information about the various Docker network options, check out our article "Understanding Docker's -net=host Option."


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How MetricFire Can Help!

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