Why go with Metricfire vs. Datadog?

All the benefits of Open Source with the reliability of SaaS.

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Trusted by thousands of happy engineers around the world
Predictable, Transparent, Pricing

Major savings. No surprises.

Datadog’s per-host pricing is pretty inflexible. It has some leeway for containers and custom metrics, but fundamentally you pay what you pay, even if that price includes features you don’t use. Metricfire is different – our pricing structure is completely flexible: the source of the metrics doesn’t matter, and neither does the number of hosts. All we count is the total number of unique metric names – how you use them is up to you.
This makes our pricing upfront and predictable. No surprises! So you can forecast budgets and keep costs under control.

“Hosted Graphite charges per metric, so it’s very easy to understand how to keep costs under control...there’s complete transparency with everything Hosted Graphite do which means we can accurately predict what we’ll be spending and comfortably keep within our budget.”

Itai Yaffe, Big Data Developer, Nielsen
More than a metric

10 x value for money with our advanced data views feature

Our advanced data views feature offers different ways of looking at the same data. We aggregate every metric you send us – ten different ways. Where Datadog supports StatsD, we do all the work StatsD does ourselves, and provide an array of different aggregation methods for every metric you store with us. These data views also give you more control over what you see, and at the most appropriate resolution. It’s one of the advanced features we offer that makes it easier to analyse your data, set up effective alerts and take action right when you need to.

“We now have over ten times the amount of metrics we started with, and on different accounts. One of the great things about Hosted Graphite is that scaling to support this increase has been hassle-free, requiring no additional work on our side.”

Maxime Audet, Cloud-Ops Team Lead, Coveo

Compatibility and control

All the benefits of open-source, but with the stability of a SaaS tool

Everything we do is compatible with the open-source Graphite tools, so you keep compatibility with the wide range of other things that know how to “speak Graphite” like Grafana, StatsD, Cabot, etc. Added to that, vendor lock-in's not our thing: we’re believers in you still owning your data, so you can request a full export if you want to take it back in-house Graphite later, without getting locked in to one vendor.

“Hosted Graphite is cost effective, doesn’t require maintenance, and means we discover business issues quickly, which saves engineering time and improves productivity...Time to resolve campaign issues has reduced dramatically.”

Shahar Kobrinsky, VP of Architecture and Scale, Eyeview

More great features

Hourly backups of dashboard and user data

You can trust us to have you covered if something goes wrong.

Support from engineers and developers

We offer first line, deeply technical support from experts, whenever you need it.

As you scale, we scale

We support everything from hobby users through to large multinationals, with plans and service customization to match your scale.

24/7 oncall team

Our oncall team works 24/7, 365 with continuous automated monitoring from around the world.

Graphite monitoring experts since 2012

We collect billions of data points per day and have done since 2012. We provide a mature metric ingestion and storage backend, trusted by thousands of engineers.

Plug and play

Metrics can be sent directly from your application without the need for additional dependancies or aggregation services.