How It Works

The Hosted Graphite agent is an easy-to-use bundle of the popular metrics collector Diamond and the Supervisor process manager along with an embedded build of Python and some support scripts.



  • Faster submission of metric data from your application because it doesn’t have to do a DNS lookup, or connect out across the internet.
  • More reliable delivery because the agent stores-and-forwards, buffering on disk when it can’t connect.
  • Easier debugging for the “my metric is missing” problem, because our UI can tell you that an agent has stopped responding.
  • More secure: the agent uses HTTPS and while we offer TLS-wrapped carbon protocols, it’s more effort to use than the plaintext ones. Sending straight to the agent bypasses this and we take care of it for you.
  • No need to prefix your metrics with an API key for HG’s authentication: it’s handled for you, using API key in the agent config.
  • No need to specify new firewall rules for carbon protocols and keep the rules updated - if you can already get HTTPS out of your network, even via a proxy, then it’ll work.

For more details of how the agent works on your machines, see System Layout.


Metrics collected

The agent’s default metrics are listed and explained at Base Metrics.



We’ll be adding lots more easy-to-configure collectors and dashboards.

If there’s something you’d like automated collection and dashboards for, let us know.

See also the Hosted Graphite roadmap.