Using collectd (for other Linux systems)

collectd is a simple monitoring client which can be installed on most Linux systems. To simplify configuration, we provide a configuration file for you to use.


Installing and configuring collectd

  1. Install collectd on your system. It’s usually available via your normal package manager, e.g. apt-get install collectd
  2. From the Hosted Graphite Add-ons page, select collectd and download the appropriate configuration file. Version 5.4 works with most versions of collectd
  3. Copy the downloaded configuration file to /etc/collect/collectd.conf. If you want to keep the original configuration file, rename it to collectd.conf.old
  4. Restart collectd so that it uses the new configuration file: sudo service collectd restart


Generating and viewing the collectd dashboard

Once collectd is up and running, you can automatically generate a dashboard from our dashboard library. Go to the Add-ons page and scroll down to the Dashboards section.


The Dashboard Library Panel
The Dashboard Library Panel


On that panel select the collectd version you want to make a dashboard for and click the button. A dashboard will be automatically created for your collectd metrics.

For details on how to manually configure collectd, the main guide is here.