Using the Hosted Graphite Agent (RHEL/Debian)

In this guide we’ll demonstrate how to install and configure a monitoring agent, view and manage the generated metrics, and finally how to create a simple dashboards. This material is also available on the Account Overview page when you first open your account.

For information on sending metrics without a monitoring service, take a look at the examples in our Language Guide.


Using the Hosted Graphite Agent (RHEL/Debian)

A simple client to install is our own Hosted Graphite Agent client, which is already configured with your API key, monitors itself and can be used to send metrics from your own applications to Hosted Graphite as well.


Installing the HG Agent

  1. The Hosted Graphite Agent can be configured and installed with a single command. Insert your API key into the appropriate command for your operating system:
Debian/Ubuntu: curl -s | sudo sh
RHEL: curl -s | sudo sh


You can also find the command with the API key already filling in, by clicking the ‘How do I send metrics?’ button beneath your API key on the Account Overview page.

  1. Go to your server you wish to monitor, and paste this command into the terminal. Press enter - the Agent should be uploaded and installed automatically.

To confirm the HG-Agent is working correctly, go to the Agents page on your Hosted Graphite account.




Agent page showing active agents and links to the dashboard


Viewing the HG-Agent Dashboard

A dashboard is generated automatically when you install the HG Agent, which you can access via the Agents page. Find your agent and click the dashboard icon to the right of the page. You’ll be taken to the HG Agent Dashboard with that agent selected. Use the dropdown menu at the top to browse any other agents you have installed.