Container Monitoring with Prometheus

Monitor the performance and health of your containers and microservices without the hassle of self-hosting Prometheus. Includes everything missing from vanilla Prometheus: Grafana dashboards, long-term storage, actionable alerts, and deeply technical support.

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Trusted by thousands of happy engineers around the world
Prometheus Monitoring at any scale

Everything you need to take control of your Prometheus metrics

3x redundancy for all data
Our backend stores three redundant copies of each datapoint in our distributed, fault-tolerant, eventually-consistent database.
Continuous active development
We add new features regularly so you don't spend time (or risk) on upgrades.
We support two downsampled resolutions: 300s (five minutes) and 3600s (one hour)
Beautiful Grafana visualization

View your monitoring data on slick Grafana dashboards in real time

Intuitive UI
It's easy to create and edit dashboards.
Feature rich Grafana
Add rows and panels, zoom, and customise graphs.
Standard with all MetricFire plans
Included with all plans – no matter the size.

Get alerts for events that need action

Define your critical changes
Alert on uptime, thresholds,  unexpected behaviour and more. Track incidents with a full alert history.
Alert on what matters
Scheduled muting allows you to silence alerts on a one-time or recurring basis for scheduled maintenance or downtime.
Integrate with the tools you use
Notify your team via PagerDuty, VictorOps, Slack, Email, Webhooks and other tools when critical changes occur.

Collaborate and share
with your team

Add your team
Share real-time graphs and dashboards.
Control access
Decide what to share with granular dashboard permissions.
Single Sign On
Centralized team management with Single Sign On (SSO) via SAML is supported.
Our Hosted Prometheus tool includes:
Remote storage for the long term

Retain Prometheus metric data for months, years or indefinitely. Data can be downsampled, and automatically expired to keep costs under control.

Reliable metric storage at scale

We provide reliable Prometheus storage at any scale. Our other product, Hosted Graphite processes billions of data points every day (and has done so for 6 years).

Secure transport

All Prometheus read and write operations take place over HTTPS.

Simple integration

One quick change in your Prometheus configuration file and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Hosted Prometheus with Grafana

Get a deeper understanding of your Prometheus metrics on a slick, feature-rich graph and dashboard editor.

Engineering support

Deeply technical support, whenever you need it. The people giving you answers are experienced engineers.

Prometheus Monitoring plans include:

Hourly backups of dashboard and user data

You can trust us to have you covered if something goes wrong.

Support from engineers and developers

We offer first line, deeply technical support from experts, whenever you need it.

As you scale, we scale

We support everything from hobby users through to large multinationals, with plans and service customization to match your scale.

24/7 oncall team

Our oncall team works 24/7, 365 with continuous automated monitoring from around the world.

Monitoring experts since 2012

We collect billions of data points per day and have done since 2012. We provide a mature metric ingestion and storage backend, trusted by thousands of engineers.

Plug and play

Metrics can be sent directly from your application without the need for additional dependancies or aggregation services.