Our Mission

Make monitoring accessible for all. Empowering organizations with insightful and reliable monitoring that enhances operational efficiency improve decision-making capabilities, and ensures the health of systems at a great value.

Our Values


Fair and Transparent Pricing

Pricing should be upfront and predictable. We make sure that our pricing is easy to understand, so our customers have confidence that there is no hidden pricing between the types of metrics they are sending. Our pricing is always clear so you can easily scale your monitoring.


Dedication to Integration

We have a focus on integration with your infrastructure. MetricFire is always striving to make certain you can integrate your infrastructure with our hosted monitoring service easily. MetricFire’s engineers are committed to going above and beyond in finding solutions to get our customers the insights they need.


Information Security Approach

Keeping MetricFire secure is fundamental to the nature of our business. Diligently ensuring that we are compliant with industry security standards, so that our customers can trust that their metrics are safeguarded is a key priority for us.


Trusted and Reliable Service

Ensuring the quality of our service is consistent and reliable for our customers counts toward everything we do. We strive to maintain the highest level of accuracy and service-level availability to earn our customers’ business and trust.


Put Customers First

MetricFire is dedicated to being a trusted monitoring partner for our customers. From the beginning, we strive to understand your use case and pain points in order to make sure our monitoring solution meets your requirements. Then our support team helps you properly set up your dashboards and alerts giving you the insights that you are looking for.


Belief In Open-Source Principles

MetricFire believes that all users should have access to their data whenever they want. We built our product and our company upon open-source software, so we support data portability. The data sent to us will always be yours.

A street in Dublin, Ireland

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2012 (under the name Hosted Graphite), MetricFire’s founders Charles von Metzradt and Dave Concannon believed that great monitoring should be simple and scalable.

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We help teams find the monitoring solution they need.

MetricFire has expanded its services to offer enhanced dashboards, Hosted StatsD, and add-ons for third-party services such as AWS, Heroku, and Azure. In addition, MetricFire has developed a multi-national and highly skilled sales, development, and support team. We are always working on adding new tools and integrations, so we can meet the requirements of our amazing users.

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A top solution for Application & Network monitoring.

MetricFire’s Hosted Graphite service allows you to measure, analyze, and visualize large amounts of infrastructure data without any of the hassles of setting up, scaling, backing up, or maintaining your own servers.

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