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How to monitor your AWS servers via MetricFire

Monitor your AWS with Hosted Graphite and Grafana by MetricFire. See all of your infrastructure metrics in one place, with low-cost scaling.

How to collect HAProxy metrics

HAProxy monitoring can be done with collectd, Graphite, and Grafana. Check out this tutorial on HAProxy Monitoring with Hosted Grafana.

Graphite vs. InfluxDB

When should you use Graphite over InfluxDB? Compare Graphite vs InfluxDB, and try it out with the Hosted Graphite free trial by MetricFire.

Integrating Grafana and CloudSQL

See this how-to-guide on setting up your integration between Grafana and CloudSQL. See your GCP metrics in MetricFire's hosted Grafana.

How to Monitor Redis Performance

Use MetricFire to monitor your Redis Performance. See this how-to guide on Redis monitoring and get tips for monitoring your Redis performance

Top Networking Monitoring Tools

Use MetricFire as your network monitoring tool in 2020. Cost effective and built on OSS, MetricFire offers broad and customizable benefits.

SolarWinds Alternatives

Use MetricFire for network monitoring. MetricFire is a SolarWinds alternative built in open source projects like Prometheus, and Grafana.

Kubernetes Namespaces: A Practical Guide

Get a practical guide on Kubernetes namespaces and how to work with them. Monitor your Kubernetes with MetricFire's Hosted Prometheus.

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