Top 6 services to Integrate with MetricFire

Top 6 services to Integrate with MetricFire

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At MetricFire, we focus on integration with your infrastructure. As one of our business values, MetricFire strives to ensure you can integrate your infrastructure with our Hosted Graphite monitoring service easily. Our engineers are committed to going above and beyond in finding solutions to get our customers the insights they need. 


Below are just a few ways you can integrate your complete observability stack with MetricFire’s Hosted Graphite to bring all your metrics under a single pane of glass. 


Reduce your AWS costs and boost your visualization capabilities

Get your AWS data integrated with your MetricFire dashboards in minutes! Monitor metrics from applications and servers hosted in AWS with clarity and depth, generate automatic dashboards as soon as you connect your AWS services, and synergize your data hosting for maximum cost efficiency. MetricFire charges significantly less per metric and offers unlimited dashboards for no extra cost. (Find out more here.)


Enhance your Heroku App insights

As a full-scale monitoring tool, Heroku by itself can only go so far in functionality. MetricFire's Heroku integration allows you to enhance the versatility of your Heroku App with insights by taking advantage of better features for data retention, resolution, alerts, visualization, and more! Dramatically improve the quality of your monitoring once you send your Heroku data to MetricFire and make your app perform at its best. 



Join your Azure data into one observability platform

With MetricFire’s Azure add-on you can integrate your Azure resources (cloud services, servers, VMs, databases, containers, etc.) as well as set up SSO to ensure seamless authentication across multiple Azure cloud services. Make significant savings on your Azure data with MetricFire’s long-term storage, cheaper metric pricing, and no additional costs for metric queries, API requests, or alerts. This all comes on top of MetricFire’s tools for creating more intricate dashboards. 


Accurately Evaluate the Success of your GitHub Commits

Integrate MetricFire with your GitHub repositories to track the progress of a project, add new features, fix bugs, and more! With MetricFire’s GitHub integration, you can flag when commits are added to your repos with automatic dashboard annotations to understand, in detail, the effect of your Github commits to guide project development and troubleshooting. 


Create actionable insights into your Sentry events

Sentry is a robust tool for pinpointing errors and events on your application. With MetricFire’s Sentry add-on you can make errors recorded by Sentry more actionable with automatic dashboard annotations allowing you to cross-reference your metrics with your Sentry events themselves in just a few clicks. Automatically link dashboards and Sentry so you can dig a little deeper if you need more context and information whenever you see a spike in errors. 


Responsive Alerting with PagerDuty and MetricFire

Don’t get blindsided by incidents, and integrate MetricFire into the alerting stack your team already knows. Once your stack is integrated with MetricFire, boost the efficiency of your incident monitoring and define the notification medium required for your alerts (email, SMS, phone call) based on the conditions you define. 



This is just a broad overview of the different services we integrate with to bring all your metrics under a single pane of glass. Find out more about our other integrations that customers can take advantage ofIf you have questions about integrations at MetricFire or would like to discuss whether we can integrate with a service you need to monitor, please contact us at or book a time to speak with us

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