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If you enjoy using MetricFire and know an individual or team that would benefit from our monitoring services let us know and as thanks, we’ll apply a 10% discount to your service and anyone you refer.

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How It Works

Our purpose is to make great monitoring accessible to everyone regardless of size. Whether you are an individual working on a side project, a startup focused on building your product or a large enterprise working at scale.


Let us know!

Tell your friends and colleagues about MetricFire then and let us know via the contact form above or by reaching out to We are happy to work to find how we can help with any monitoring use case.


Get Rewarded!

Once your friend or colleague signs up for a MetricFire account we’ll apply a 10% discount off of your next invoice and the bill of anyone to who you refer.

Have Questions?

Reach out to us via our live chat or learn more about our Referral Programme in our blog.

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