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Security Researcher and Writer

Despite his nickname, SerHack is not an hacker. SerHack (SeərHæck) is a security researcher, developer, and writer. He started his career with development of payment gateways for a popular cryptocurrency. Since then he has reported several bugs and security issues, many of them CVE. He is widely known for reporting the MEGA incident and conducts different malware analyses. Additionally, SerHack contributes to the Monero project – a cryptocurrency focused on privacy. In 2018 he wrote "Mastering Monero", which is considered the best resource to learn to about the blockchain world and the Monero project.

SerHack was born in Italy, but at the moment his actual location is unknown. Despite his elusiveness, he has been featured on Bleepingcomputer, PCMag, IlManifesto and others blogs. Additionally, in 2017, he entered the Envato and BOSCH one walls of fame. The nickname "SerHack" derives from the first CTF (Capture The Flag) competition called "Seriously hack me".

His static website was developed using GoHugo application and has more than 10,000 unique visitors every month. For further information about his infrastructure and how he achieved this, read "The SerHack website journey: from Wordpress to static website". The anniversary of is set on 14th May 2017.

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