How to monitor your AWS servers via MetricFire

Monitor your AWS with Hosted Graphite and Grafana by MetricFire. See all of your infrastructure metrics in one place, with low-cost scaling.

How to Reduce Your AWS Costs

Dive deep into AWS costs and see how MetricFire can reduce your CloudWatch spend by more than 50% by scaling custom metrics at a low cost.

EC2 CloudWatch Metrics

Let's see EC2 metrics and make a dashboard using CloudWatch. Also we'll check MetricFire's integration with AWS that gives more flexibility.

Getting started with AWS CloudWatch

This article will introduce you to AWS Cloudwatch alarms, events, metrics, and logs. You will see when it's best to use each one, and how to set them up. Ultimately, using all four will help you build better observability into your system.

AWS EKS: Architecture and Monitoring

AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service ideal for large clusters of nodes running heavy and variable workloads. Because of the way account permissions work in AWS, EKS's architecture is unusual and creates some small differences in your monitoring strategy. Overall though, it's still the ...


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