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Setting up Infrastructure Alerts

Discover why infrastructure alerts are crucial for businesses during peak periods. Set up alerts... Continue Reading

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Heroku Router Path Metrics

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Monitoring CPU Temperature with Hosted Graphite

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Monitoring RabbitMQ With Prometheus and Grafana

Monitor your RabbitMQ with Prometheus/Grafana, and visualize your node, queue, and cluster-wide metrics. Continue Reading

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Monitor IoT devices using MQTT, Hosted Graphite & Grafana

There are a large number of IoT devices, and IoT technologies that are very... Continue Reading

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How to Integrate CloudWatch and Sentry with MetricFire

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Nagios vs. MetricFire

Discover why MetricFire outperforms Nagios as a monitoring tool. Learn about the key advantages... Continue Reading

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How to Monitor Multi-layer Huawei Switch with MetricFire

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Azure: The Guide to Microsoft's Cloud Platform

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How To Combat Security Threats with Firewall Monitoring

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Fixing Nagios Errors: Return code of x is out of bounds

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Printers: Boosting Efficiency and Performance

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Heroku Postgres Performance Monitoring with Hosted Graphite

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How To Improve Your Aruba Network With MetricFire

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Monitoring Just Got Better with Microsoft Teams Alerts!

In this article, we'll cover our latest integration and show you how to set... Continue Reading

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Monitoring Digital Ocean with Hosted Graphite and Telegraf

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Monitoring Aruba Switches with Hosted Graphite and Telegraf

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What Is A Time-Series Metric?

In this article, we will explore time-series metrics, understand time-series data, and discuss how... Continue Reading

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Monitoring a K8s Cluster with MetricFire

MetricFire is a cloud-based monitoring platform that simplifies the challenging task of monitoring Kubernetes... Continue Reading

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How To Monitor MemoryDB with MetricFire

MemoryDB is an Amazon service that enables high-speed data processing for real-time applications. Learn... Continue Reading

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How To Use Our AWS Integration

We recently updated our AWS integration and can now integrate with all AWS services... Continue Reading

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Migrating Graphite to the Cloud

Graphite is an open-source monitoring tool that provides real-time visualization and data analysis from... Continue Reading

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How Much Should Your Observability Stack Cost?

Observability is crucial for resolving issues in distributed systems. This post explores the various... Continue Reading

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Our Heroku Pricing

Learn how you can monitor your Heroku applications at an affordable price. Get all... Continue Reading

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Best Practices for Our Custom Dashboards

Learn how you can use MetricFire's Custom Dashboards to visualize your data in a... Continue Reading

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Agent vs. Agentless Monitoring

Network monitoring is a critical aspect of managing and maintaining the performance and security... Continue Reading

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Sign Up to MetricFire and Receive a Free TV Dashboard or Custom MetricFire Physical Dashboard

MetricFire is now offering a free 50” Vizio 4K TV with built-in Chrome Cast... Continue Reading

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Securely sending metric data to Hosted Graphite

By far the most straightforward way to securely send your metrics is by installing... Continue Reading

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System monitoring - what are my options? (part 2)

Diamond is a Python daemon for collecting system metrics and presenting them to Graphite.... Continue Reading

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System monitoring - what are my options? (part 1)

Monitoring systems and alerts is crucial to tackling issues as early as possible. Various... Continue Reading

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Alerting from first principles

This article was originally published on May 25, 2016 , by Charlie von Metzradt,... Continue Reading

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Nassim Taleb, Averages and Systems

Learn about how percentile data can be the perfect visualizations. Use Metricfire and Grafana... Continue Reading

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Graphite and Metric Collisions

One of MetricFire's priorities is to make sure we have control over where we... Continue Reading

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Kindred Spirits: Logentries and Hosted Graphite

Read Logentries co-founder Trevor Parsons, post on how easy it is to extract and... Continue Reading

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Automatic System Monitoring with Heroku

Start viewing your Heroku Dynos instantly with Hosted Graphite's automated dashboard. Get a brief... Continue Reading

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Node StatsD Backend Module released on npm

Check out the release of Hosted Graphite's statsD backend plugin at npm. This gives... Continue Reading

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Graphite without the Hassles

Start using Hosted Graphite without having to install anything. Hosted Graphite also replaces Graphite's... Continue Reading

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New Features – Account Sharing and Access Keys

Learn to add users to your Hosted Graphite account. Continue Reading

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Github Integration

Our addition to github-services has been successfully merged into the main branch! If you... Continue Reading

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Heroku Real-time Monitoring

This article covers some basics of Heroku applications and how one can approach metrics... Continue Reading

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Installing the HG Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards Add-on

Install the Hosted Graphite Heroku addon to view your data in beautiful and custom... Continue Reading

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How to install Hosted Graphite Heroku Add-on

Install the Hosted Graphite Heroku Monitoring & Dashboards add-on in your Heroku App and visualize your... Continue Reading

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Revenue Tracking for Mobile Games (Webinar Recording)

Monitor millions of microtransactions with ease Continue Reading

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Observability vs Monitoring

Observability combines the use of metrics, logs, and tracing to give a broader understanding... Continue Reading

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AWS EKS: Architecture and Monitoring

AWS Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service ideal for... Continue Reading