New Features – Account Sharing and Access Keys

This article was originally published on May 12, 2012, by Charlie von Metzradt, co-founder of Hosted Graphite, for the Hosted Graphite blog. Since then, Hosted Graphite has become MetricFire but our goal has stayed the same: Monitoring should be accessible. For more information and for updates on new features, book a time with our team!

Our goal at Hosted Graphite is to make it as easy as possible for people to store, graph, and share monitoring data. We’ve been busy adding features to make it super simple for teams to use Graphite to monitor their systems. After a long beta test with some of our users, we’re finally ready to introduce them to the world.

Account sharing - This feature allows a user to share their account with another user without having to hand over passwords. Perfect for running Graphite on a large-screen office display or quick troubleshooting with a colleague.  This is available on all of our plans.

Access Keys - This allows external Graphite plugins such as Tasseo, Seyren, Graphiti, and others to get access to the data in Hosted Graphite. This feature creates an URL that gives these plugins read-only access to your underlying graphite data. Optionally, you can add in a list of IP addresses to limit access to a trusted whitelist.

We’re only getting started - lots more simple ways to store, graph, and share data coming soon.

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