Our Heroku Pricing

Our Heroku Pricing

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MetricFire is committed to providing our clients with a hosted monitoring solution that empowers teams to have complete observability of their instances, devices, applications, infrastructure, and more. We believe that monitoring should be accessible, so we’ve priced our platform so that teams of all sizes can afford to monitor their data. We offer competitive pricing for dedicated plans on our website, but we also provide our main product, Hosted Graphite, on marketplaces like Heroku Elements. You can learn more about our addon here.

Hosted Graphite by MetricFire

MetricFire provides a hosted monitoring solution with custom dashboards so that you can have complete visibility into your applications and more so you can understand what is going on and catch spikes before they become problems for your team. 


Our star product, Hosted Graphite is simply a hosted version of Graphite. With Hosted Graphite, we provide the endpoint for your time-series data and host it so you have the security and storage you need to get the results you want. 


With our custom dashboard and alerting tools, Hosted Graphite is a complete solution. Not only does it ingest your time-series data, but it also enables you to create customizable dashboards for your metrics and receive alerts when metrics are out of range or missing.

Our Heroku Addon

We offer our platform as a Heroku addon so you can have complete visibility into your Heroku applications. With Hosted Graphite for Heroku (see the image below), you can observe your app’s uptime, users, activity, and more. This can help you prevent problems before they occur and plan for how you can improve your app’s performance. To see our Heroku add-on and learn more about what the addon can do for your Heroku instance, click here


Our Heroku Pricing - 1


Our Updated Pricing

Last year we adjusted our pricing structure for our dedicated plans and our Heroku addon so that our customers can get a great product at a price point that meets their budget. We want our product to save our customers time and money, whether they started with a brand name competitor or self-hosting. Hosted Graphite enables you to monitor your application without hiring an internal developer to manage this. STop the hassle and choose Hosted Graphite by MetricFire today!


Below you can see our Heroku pricing options. We know that many of our Heroku users have small use cases and are price sensitive, so we offer low-tier options that are more affordable for our Heroku users. 


Our Heroku Pricing - 2


We offer our Heroku addon for all our customers starting at $19/month. Signing up is as easy as copying code and entering it in your terminal. Learn more about our Heroku addon pricing at our addon page here.


In this article, we reviewed what Hosted Graphite by MetricFire is, and how you can use Hosted Graphite to monitor your Heroku applications. We’ve also covered how MetricFire adjusted its pricing to fit your budget. 


Whether a dedicated plan or our Heroku addon is a good fit for your use case, you can easily save time and money by choosing MetricFire. Sign up for a free trial at metricfire.com to see if Hosted Graphite is a good fit for you.

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