Top 7 Monitoring Events of 2020

Top 7 Monitoring Events of 2020

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For those of us in the industry - and those of us interested in monitoring services - there are a bunch of conferences and other monitoring events in 2020 where we can get new knowledge, learn about industry trends, explore new technologies, and much more.

Unfortunately, global health concerns have come into play for many monitoring events in 2020 - postponing or canceling many, or turning them into all-virtual events. Luckily, there are still several valuable options those in the industry can attend, both in person or virtually.

Here's our list of the top seven monitoring events of 2020. Be sure to check in with the websites of these events frequently to make sure no major changes in scheduling have happened. 

Our team here at MetricFire will be getting involved at several events this year - we’re really looking forward to trying out the new webinar style, and to keep learning more and more about monitoring. 

MetricFire is an infrastructure and applications monitoring platform that allows you to use either Hosted Prometheus or Hosted Graphite, and display metrics on Grafana dashboards. Check out the MetricFire free trial and demo to see what the platform looks like.


Top Monitoring Events of 2020

1) DevOps Con

2) Monitorama

3) The OpenSource Infrastructure Conference

4) SREcon20 Asia/Pacific

5) CloudNative London 2020

6) LISA 20 

7) SREcon20 Americas East



DevOps Con

Berlin, Germany - June 8-11, 2020

The Berlin version of the renowned DevOps Conference bills itself as "the conference for continuous delivery, microservices, containers, cloud, and lean businesses." This conference explores tools, technologies, methodologies, and aspects of monitoring, along with many other topics.

This year's session topics include "DevOps as the Afterburner for Agile Organizations," "Boost Your Teams' Productivity With Powerful Visual Management," and "An Intelligent Approach to Upgrading OpenSource Libraries." Speakers come from Schneider IT-Security, Hazelcase, SysEleven GmbH, and many other outlets.

Tickets range from 1466 € for a four-day ticket to 440 € for a one-day ticket.



Portland, Oregon - September 21-23, 2020

A perfect event for the fall season when it comes to monitoring events of 2020, Monitorama in Portland (Oregon, not Maine) brings together industry figures, experts, and many other sources for an exploration of the "newest approaches in monitoring and observability." Last year, speaking highlights included titles like "Taking Human Performance Seriously in Software," "What Can Your Network Teach You About Service," and "Grafana Loki: Like Prometheus, but for Logs."

General admission tickets for Monitorama currently run $700.


The OpenSource Infrastructure Conference

Online - June 16-18, 2020

For those looking for an online option among monitoring events of 2020, the OpenSource Infrastructure Conference presents an excellent choice. This two-day conference boasts experts and their "ideas for bridging the gap between development, testing, and operations." There's a focus on open source infrastructure solutions, future-oriented design, and innovative technology mixes. Speaking topics include "Visualize Your Threats," "How to Get Customer Retention," and "Infrastructure-Level Solutions for Modern Microservices."

Speakers for the 2020 conference include representatives from Apple, Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM, and The OpenStack Foundation.

Tickets for the OpenSource Infrastructure Conference run 99 €


SREcon20 Asia/Pacific

Sydney, Australia - September 7-9, 2020

Rescheduled from its original date, the new SREcon20 is a three-day conference with a focus on "site reliability, systems engineering, and working with complex systems at scale." MetricFire is focused on supporting these areas, with a focus on monitoring and scaling large infrastructure; try the MetricFire free trial to see what our platform can do or book a demo here.

Organized by representatives from both Google and Goldman Sachs, the full program for SREcon20 comes out in May. The 2019 version of the conference features topics including "A Tale of Two Postmortems: A Human Factors View," "Leading Without Managing: Becoming an SRE Technical Leader," and "Anomaly Detection on Golden Signals."

Ticket prices have yet to be released.


SREcon20 Europe/Middle East/Africa

Amsterdam - October 27-29, 2020

Like its compatriot in Australia, the Europe/Middle East/Africa conference for SREcon promises a full focus on working with complex systems in all their forms. Co-chaired by representatives from Google and Microsoft, SREcon20 in Amsterdam also touches on site reliability, systems engineering, and much more.

Ticket information and pricing for this conference is coming soon.


CloudNative London 2020

London - September 23 – 25, 2020

This three-day conference on "everything Cloud Native" is a must-go for anyone working with the cloud or in monitoring, with plenty of networking, idea development, and industry insights. The program for 2020's conference has yet to be released, but prior years included a full slate of speakers, topics, and other engaging attendee options.

Issues addressed in 2019 included "Digital Transformation Through GitOps and Infrastructure as Code," "It's Not Too Late to Learn About Kubernetes," and "Testing in Production From DevTestOops to DevTestOps."

Pricing details for CloudNative London 2020 have yet to be released.



Boston, MA - December 7-9, 2020

Nope, it's not a conference about Lisa Simpson (though that would be amazing). The LISA conference - standing for Large Installation System Administration - is targeted for operations professionals, with an eye on everything regarding the world's critical online systems.

Representatives from Google and Facebook co-chair the conference.

Pricing information is not available yet; check in on the website as the date gets closer for more details.


MetricFire at Monitoring Events of 2020

MetricFire has a presence at several of these conferences throughout 2020! Come and see us if you have the chance. Or, you can try the MetricFire free trial to see what our platform can do. You can also book a demo and talk to us directly about monitoring at your company. For more interesting topics related to monitoring and data visualization, check out for more articles. 

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