Hosted Graphite Announces Its Expansion with the Foundation of MetricFire

The new HG Expansion with MetricFire

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DUBLIN (April XX, 2020) - Hosted Graphite is proud to announce its expansion with the evolution of a new service - MetricFire, a broader monitoring service that adds Hosted Prometheus to the suite of technologies being offered by the Hosted Graphite platform. MetricFire is now offering hosted Graphite, Prometheus, and Grafana.

Hosted Graphite will become the name of our core product, the Hosted Graphite service, while MetricFire will be the name of the entity that offers Hosted Graphite, Hosted Prometheus, and Hosted Grafana services.

The MetricFire platform runs on-premise and on-cloud, with support from engineers for alerting design, analytics, and overall monitoring. Users can amplify with plugins like GitHub, PagerDuty, Slack, Heroku, CircleCI, and more. MetricFire offers a 14-day trial so you can experiment with the product, and try it out with your company. If you have any questions about how MetricFire can help your company, you can also talk to the team directly by booking a demo.



Growing Beyond Hosted Graphite‍

Hosted Graphite began in 2012, and saw consistent development since its inception. It began as a Hosted Graphite and StatsD service, eventually offering hosted Grafana services. With expansion came integration with programs like New Relic, Pagerduty, Hipchat, and AWS CloudWatch, along with Papertrail, Sentry, and Opsgenie.

In 2019, Hosted Graphite began to offer a new product, Hosted Prometheus.

"As a result of the expansion of our services, the name 'Hosted Graphite' no longer captures the breadth and scope of what we offer customers," Jonathan Siegel of MetricFire said. "With the broad set of products now being offered, this name change represents that we are more than just a Hosted Graphite service."

The name "MetricFire" began to develop throughout 2019 - a name that was first used back in 2012 as an original name concept for the company.

"We are now ready to take on that name fully, to move forward, and do business with all of our products." - Jonathan Siegel


Keeping Hosted Graphite Intact

The Hosted Graphite name and brand will remain fully operational. Hosted Graphite is our bread and butter, and we're looking to continually develop our community surrounding Graphite.

Hosted Graphite will persist as a brand known and loved by customers. The original application remains the same great, groundbreaking technology. The only change that customers will see is the option to try Hosted Prometheus in-app, and the emergence of new products and add-ons as our customer base grows.

The Hosted Graphite website and brand will stay intact for users, as the MetricFire brand focuses on the community surrounding Prometheus monitoring.


The MetricFire Spark

The evolution into MetricFire gives rise to a more complete monitoring solution built on three major open-source projects, rather than just applying technology from Graphite. MetricFire helps its customers collect, store, and visualize time series data from more sources, and with a broader community than before. We can now see new use-cases developing in our community, and we're now working with providing great support for Kubernetes, Docker, web apps, business metrics and more.

With the adoption of the MetricFire name, the original application now includes more significant Prometheus support, including extra features for metric aggregation and additional dashboards available to Prometheus users. More information on the Prometheus product is available on the roadmap.

Additionally, the cost-friendly pricing structure of MetricFire's enterprise solution sets it apart from many others in the industry. MetricFire's customers include large multinational coffee brewers, game companies, data science, and SaaS companies across the world.

Both MetricFire and Hosted Graphite will continue to grow as we build an even greater monitoring product for our customers. We have big and exciting plans for the future of the company under the new MetricFire name - keeping the same principles of innovation and service that made Hosted Graphite so successful.

Interested in more info about MetricFire? Visit for all of our updates. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, sign up for our Hosted Prometheus free trial. You can also sign up for a demo and we can talk about the best monitoring solutions for you.

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